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To start enjoying the health and friendship-building benefits of square and round dancing, find the province you live in below, click the link to their website and you’ll find a club in your area. That’s where you join and start having fun dancing.

Find a club when travelling

You’re on the road and feel like kicking up your heels at a local club’s dance but you’re not sure where to go. Just click on the province you’re visiting and find the local club’s dance schedule. As easy as that, you’re meeting new people and having fun dancing.

British Columbia Square & Round Dance Federation
Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation
Saskatchewan Square & Round Dance Federation
Manitoba Square & Round Dance Federation
Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation
Border Boosters Square & Round Dance Associations

Federation Of Dance Clubs Of New Brunswick

Square & Round Dance Federation of Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island
Federation of Newfoundland – Labrador
Contact: Madeline & Jim Critch, President. (709) 579-0980

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