Hierarchy of Society, Federations, Associations & Clubs

Membership Fees are paid to and submitted through Clubs to Associations, then to Federations, before being forwarded to the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society. Dance Categories eligible for membership are Modern Square Dancing, Round Dancing, Clogging, Line Dancing and Contra Dancing.

The Canadian Square & Round Dance Society represents Square & Round dance nationally and internationally

 Federations represent Square & Round dance provincially

 Associations represent Square & Round dance within a district in their province

 Clubs represent Square & Round dance locally

The nitty-gritty of Membership

The term of CSRDS Membership is January 1st to December 31st of the current year. The Society Membership Chair shall receive all membership fees prior to Dec 1st for the upcoming year. When paying membership fees in the fall for the next calendar year, it is suggested that new dancers pay CSRDS membership fees for the upcoming year. The current insurance policy allows the addition of new Clubs and/or dancers at any time during the year. New (late) members may be enrolled at the beginning of each month, starting on February 1st. Important! Regardless of the time of year new members are enrolled there will be no pro-rated memberships. New members starting after September 1 will not be assessed fees. They must be added to membership lists held by the Federation membership. All members must pay membership for the year starting January 1 in order to become members of Society and to be covered by the liability insurance policy provided by Society. Membership fees may vary by province and or associations. It is inexpensive liability insurance. The Certificate of Membership and Membership Cards, explicitly requested by the provincial hierarchy, are provided by The Society Membership Chair for completion by provincial Membership Representatives. Society Membership numbers will be allocated to provincial Representatives according to the number of members enrolled. Whenever possible, membership fees are determined and approved two years in advance at the CSRDS Annual General Meeting. The membership fees for 2013 and 2014 were approved July 2012 at the Annual General Meeting held in Ottawa, Ontario. There is no charge for teen dancers; however, they must still be registered for membership through their club. Membership Dancers, callers, leaders, cuers, and instructors, and related clubs, Associations and Federations of the included dance categories are eligible for membership in the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society. Members of Provincial and Territorial Federations and Associations Through your membership in the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society, you are included in a Third Party Liability Insurance Policy and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy.

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