Honours and Awards 2018

Award of Excellence

As the highest award given by the Society, it is reserved for any dancer, caller/cuer or leader who deserves special recognition and who is a member of the Society. This recognition is reserved for those whose contributions to square, round, contra, clogging and line dancing have been above and beyond normal activity and outside the activities of the average participant. Accomplishments could be either a single event or activity, resulting in exceptional outcome over a short period of time or a steady, continuing, above-average contribution over a long period of time.

Roy Church, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Dan & Rhetha Roy, Kincardine, Ontario

Long Service Award

None submitted in 2018

Perfect Attendance Awards

1978–2008 At the 16th Canadian National Convention in London, Ontario in July of 2008, Society members who had attended all previous Canadian Conventions were presented with Perfect Attendance Certificates and Long Service Award pins in honour of their dedication and devotion to the Canadian Square and Round Dance society and the dance community at large.

Pictured from left to right: Jean & Leslie Pitt, Shirley MacLean, Kitchener, ON; Ron & Dot Connell, Dartmouth, NS; Wayne & Leslie Cross, Dartmouth, N.S; Mac Marcellus, Vineland, ON; Jim & Hazel Clark, New Westminster, B.C.; Olive & Alan Zwierschke, Holden AB; Ida Murray, Red Deer, AB; Lorne & Connie Bowerman, (absent) Ottawa, ON; May Greenough, Edmonton, AB; Hope Pennock. Edmonton, AB

Certificate of Recognition

Full-colour certificates have been produced by the Society for special recognition and presentation to Clubs, Associations, Federations, Callers, Leaders and Instructors on 20th anniversaries and at five-year intervals; wedding anniversaries every 10 years starting with the 50th; to recognize the contribution to the Square & Round Dance Society. For more information on obtaining a Certificate please contact your Provincial Representative on the Society Board of Directors.


If you would like to nominate someone for an award, please download our CSRDS Award of Excellence / Long Service Award information.

There is also a computer based fillable form you can down load HERE.  Requires MS Word.


A listing of previous Award Recipients can be found here.

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