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The Canadian Square & Round Dance Society Website now uses a frames design.  As a result, the various individual content pages no longer contain the CSRDS branding (Logo).

Webmasters wishing to access specific information pages directly, are asked to link to one of the following pages in order to maintain the look and feel of the CSRDS site.

Subject Area Link to be used for access
Society www.squaredance.ca/csrds-society.htm
Membership & Insurance www.squaredance.ca/csrds-membership.htm
Provincial Listing www.squaredance.ca/csrds-provinces.htm
Dancer Information www.squaredance.ca/csrds-dance.htm
Events Calendar www.squaredance.ca/csrds-events.htm
News Items www.squaredance.ca/csrds-news.htm
Links to External Sites www.squaredance.ca/csrds-links.htm
Contacts www.squaredance.ca/csrds-contact.htm

Webmaster:    Dan Roy