What Does The Society Do For You


The Canadian Square and Round Dance Society is more than just insurance.

Yes, it does provide third party liability insurance to square dancers at a very affordable price ; (mandatory insurance required by many malls, schools, churches, etc.) but it also provides the following -

Bursary - Encouragement to square dance callers by providing bursary funding to learn or to expand their learning experience. There are some rules that need to be followed but help will be provided by the Society Director responsible for bursary funding.

Awards  - Provides all square dancers and callers with the means to recognize that special person that has gone way beyond the usual activities to support square dancing. This award is recognized throughout Canada as the most prestigious award that a person or persons can receive. We have a Society Director responsible for awards.

Conventions – Held every other year on even years e.g. 2006, 2008, 2010. These provide an opportunity to enjoy every aspect of square dancing to people throughout the world. We have a Society Director who guides convention hosts throughout this wonderful experience.

Secretary – The keeper of the past, present and future aspirations and keeps most records and correspondences

Marketing -  The society promotes square and round dancing with ads in magazines such as the 50 Plus Ads in CARP, with the Public Service Ads (PSA) television adds and personal DVD ”Dancing Keeps You Young”.

We also support promotional productions such as Cool Moves which are for youth recruitment and “Moving and Grooving” which is an instructional tool for youth instructors and schools programs

Our Society Web Sites is available for all to use at . On it you will find forms to use when applying for bursaries and awards. You will also find insurance details, news about activities of interest to square dancers and a memory page of dancers and callers who are no longer with us.

Information regarding our Privacy Policy, minutes of meetings, our endowment fund and a complete list of callers/leaders with address, email address and contact information are also available along with many other items.

Call us at 1-866-206-6696 . This toll free number is provided by the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society for you to find answers to your questions.

Email us at


 Insurance & Coverage

The Society has THIRD PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE and DIRECTORS OFFICERS LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE for its members.  For details on the Insurance coverage and a copy of the Certificate of Insurance please follow the links under Insurance.   These provide information on the insurance coverage, try to answer questions and provide direction. 

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