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This space is available to be used for suggestions and ideas from dancers and organizations and the PR Committee of ideas for promoting and marketing our activity. Submit your ideas now to your PR Committee representative!

Creating Marketing & Recruiting Plans for Square Dance Clubs by Ian Henzel is an excellent publication. 
This Plan (62 page document) has been used successfully by his club to increase recruitment of new dancers to the club. The Plan or Manual contains may ideas for a club to consider in its ongoing recruitment planning.  See an excellent article in CDN, July, 1998.  To obtain a copy contact: USDA PUBLICATIONS & EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS  at:  and/or contact  Jim & Edythe Weber  (Email:

Ian Henzel Plan for Square Dance Recruitment - Available in PDF - More Information on this plan can be received from Ian       Henzel at  Email: mailto:IanKH@aol.comor Paul Waters at

Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity by Barbara Florio Graham is available by mail for $20.00 postpaid (Can.).  This 90 page publication is an excellent practical guide and resource to getting stories to the media for coverage of the activity. You don't have to pay for advertising if you can get the story covered as a news item. Also an excellent reference for those planning major events and wanting to get media coverage.

Also check out the various articles posted on the Square Dancing Article Co-op

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Displaying & Posting Flyers in Stores   
Here is an idea to use small spaces in commercial businesses to display square & round dance flyers/brochures.
The space used is so small that business will allow you to use their space for advertising.
Easily create a display box to hang on a wall that holds flyers using heavy paper. Simple to do!  
Also includes a couple of flyer/brochure ideas for content.
Put the information on you new dancer classes on the flyer/brochure
See the display box and sample flyers.

Links to promoting square dancing

Square dancing might be promoted/listed in catalogues of physical/healthy classes (like gymnastics, fitness training, etc.) which is distributed to members of local health insurance companies. In booklets list class as "Training for memory and reactions" - Germany

Round dancing ads might not mention round dancing as this is not understood, but talk about learning the Two Step, Cha Cha, Jive, etc. to modern music.  Use the ballroom catch words.  - John Brant

Recruiting Brochures - adapted from Callerlab Press Release
An area on the back of a brochure can provide space to include the name, address and/or phone number of your club or contact person. Your area may be large enough to have a central contact point; someone willing to act as an informational liaison person.  In this respect one name is less confusing to the non-dancer than listing a contact person for each club. The liaison person should have all the information available about dance nights, dates, times, places, costs, etc. This requires co-operation of all clubs in the area. This works! Many reports indicate this has been very successful.
Individual clubs should arrange to have only one contact listed on the brochure.  This assures that all non-dancers, calling for information, get the same information.
Contacts should point out that the square/round dance activity is wholesome, energetic, fun, and it promotes good health. Be enthusiastic and tell people how much fun it really is. Friendships last a lifetime and where else can you go and feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. Promote friendship along with the activity.
The following is a list of some locations where brochures can be made available to potential dancers. You may be able to think of others.
Adult Education Centres                          Health/Fitness Clubs                        Senior Centres
Art Centres                                                 Hobby Stores (music, craft, etc)      Shopping Malls
Barber Shops                                              Service Clubs                                      Laundromats
Beauty Shops                                             Sporting Goods Stores                      Teen Centres
Square Dance Shops                                 Chamber of Commerce                       Libraries
Churches                                                     Local Colleagues                                Municipal Offices
Video Rental Stores                                   Mail to ex-dancers                              Welcome Wagon
Movie Theatres                                         Visitor Magazines                                Western Shops
Company Recreation areas                      Real Estate Offices                               Restaurants
Dentists Offices                                        Doctors' Offices                                   Drug Stores
YM/YWCA                                                Grocery Store Bulletin Boards
Dry Cleaners

    Have you considered working with a Health Association on a local basis. This can be a vehicle for raising funds for the charity and achieving some publicity and visibility for the activity and the club. These groups might include: Heart - Stroke Foundation, the Cancer Society, Terry Fox Run, Alzheimer's, etc. Do your local "health" associations provide information to the public or to their patients/participants indicating the values of our recreation? Have you asked them to have your flyers available for their clients?

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