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Darcy & Beth McGifford

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Award of Excellence

This is the CSRDS's highest award and is reserved for any dancer or caller/cuer or leader who deserve special recognition and are members of the Society.  The recognition is reserved for those whose contribution to square, round, contra, clogging and line dancing have been above and beyond the normal activity and well outside the activities of the average participant. Accomplishments could be either a single, exceptional result in a short period of time, or a steady, continuing, above-average contribution over a long period of time.


Norm & Loretta Demeule, Ohaton, AB

Norm and Loretta started square dancing in 1973 and two years later Norm became a student caller with the Edmonton Callers Association.  In 1978, they took over calling for an established square and round dance club in Edmonton and remained there for 20 years.  During those years, Norm took on guest calling for many clubs in AB, SK and MB.  They've held executive positions in the Edmonton Callers Association, Square and Round Dance Instructors Association of AB and still continue to be members of these associations.


In 1985 they became members of the Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation where they've held many executive positions including President Couple for two terms.  In 2002, they were elected as Alberta representatives to the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society where they remain active to this day.  Norm served as Chair of Special Donation, Memorial and Endowment Fund.  Norm was asked to design a CSRDS banner which is used on provincial banners and certificates.  He is the National Convention Coordinator and has recently rewritten the National Convention Contract which is the governing document of the national convention/festival to better align with modern times.  Using a similar format, he has rewritten the federation contract for the AB provincial conventions.  Norm and Loretta have encouraged others to participate in Canadian Society activities (i.e. special topics, membership/insurance, etc.)  Norm is promoting and working with Festival 2016 Committee to make the first national convention to be held in SK a success.


They have worked for many years to encourage and promote zones to take on the annual provincial conventions, and have served as chair couple for many of the conventions as well as coordinate the caller and dancer programs.  They have worked very hard with Federation Executive to help keep the mandate of the AB Federation open to all callers and dancers with no remuneration paid to any caller that participates in the convention.  Loretta is known for taking on the role of lunch coordinator, baker and gracious hostess for all the recent provincial conventions.


Norm and Loretta are members of the Alberta Callers Association and have participated in many of the callers schools held in the province.  They are a very well known couple in the province and continue to call for many clubs in AB and SK and take active parts in all of the positions they hold.  In 1999, they were awarded the Alberta Rose Award which is the special provincial award honouring  deserving couples in AB. 


At the forefront of all their contributions is their love of square dancing and the  strong desire for our movement to continue into the future.

Long Service Award

Phil & Ingrid Douziech, Kelowna, BC

Phil and Ingrid started dancing with Westsyde Squares, Kelowna in 1991 and since that time have attended numerous Provincial Festivals, The Penticton Festivals and National Conventions.

Phil has served as Webmaster for Westsyde Squares and Westside Youth Square Dance Club creating websites for both clubs.  Regionally he has been Webmaster for Region 3, Okanagan and Provincially for the BC Square & Round Dance Federation for 20 years.  Phil created the Federation Website, The Dance Connection in 1996 and since then he has added many features such as the automated guest list, random banners, the Blog and continually adds new information to the Website as it becomes available.  He has attended many computer seminars, often at his own expense, so that he can increase his expertise as Webmaster.  He works tirelessly to help B.C. Square Dancers with computer problems and to help anyone who wants to set up a Club Web Page.  Through his enthusiasm for Square Dancing and his expertise he has created, for the Federation, an incredible website that has become the glue that binds us together.  Ask Phil to do anything with regards to the Dance Connection and his reply is – “No problem!  That is why I am here.”  Anything you want done just ask.

Phil and Ingrid received the BC Square & Round Dance Federation's provincial Sillery Award in 2010 for their outstanding service to the square dance community.

For a few years now, they've wintered in Arizona but that hasn't prevented him from keeping in touch with BC and updating the Federation webpage almost daily.  In 2013 they purchased a winter home down South and in early 2015 he felt that the time had come to retire as Webmaster and allow someone else take over which happened April 1st.

Phil, with the support of his wife and staunch supporter, Ingrid, have surely given of their time and skills and have made a great impact on the Square Dance Movement in B.C. and deserving of this national award.

June & (the late) Don Cowan, Kanata, ON

Don and June Cowan had been teaching, cueing and mentoring for over 40 years when he succumbed to cancer in the fall of 2014.  They have always been those people who are always there ready and willing to help further our activity.  They were always in the background doing all the heavy lifting while others reaped the rewards, never wishing to be front and center but always there doing more than their share. 


Don was a master at electronics and he helped/fixed/taught and encouraged almost every caller and cuer in the Ottawa area and beyond.  He willingly helped anyone with anything related to round or square dancing that he could and never asked for any remuneration.  Always the unsung heroes, Don and June were friends to everyone and relished in seeing others get ahead and in doing so never sought any thanks or credit.


Don is sadly missed and the dancers in the area cherish their memories of him with his quiet ways and his sense of humour.  He was still enjoying his dance music and sharing it with others who he wished to carry on his legacy right up until the last few days of his life.  June has been the perfect partner for Don with her friendly, homey way always making people comfortable, helping and cooperating in any way she could.


1978 –2008

The 16th Canadian National Convention, London ON July 2008.

We have learned that some members of our dance community have attended all previous Canadian Conventions, and are participants of Festival 2008.

In honour of their dedication & devotion to the Canadian Square and Round Dance Community. The Canadian Square & Round Dance Society. Presented a perfect attendance certificate and Long Service Award pin, to the following-



L/R Jean & Leslie Pitt,  Shirley MacLean, Kitchener, ON,  Ron & Dot Connell , Dartmouth, NS. Wayne & Leslie Cross, Dartmouth,N.S. Mac Marcellus, Vineland, ON, Jim & Hazel Clark, New Westminster, B.C., Olive & Alan Zwierschke, Holden AB, Ida Murray, Red Deer, AB, Lorne & Connie Bowerman, (absent) Ottawa, ON,  May Greenough, Edmonton, AB,  Hope Pennock. Edmonton, AB

Congratulations To All


The Canadian Square and Round Dance Society

is proud to honour the recipients of the:


Award of Excellence Recipients


Ron & Donna Baba, Medicine Hat, Alberta - 2010

Peter & Beryl Barton, Ontario - 2004

Guy & Darleen Belliveau, Saskatoon. Saskatchewan,2006
Al & Joy Berry, British Columbia - 2004
Ron & Bette Berglund, British Columbia - 2004 
Norm & Loretta Demeule, Alberta - 2015

Russell & Earleen Biggs, Quebec - 2006 
Les & Caroll Brekstad, British Columbia - 2004
Lorne & Connie Bowerman, Ontario - 2002
John & Irene Bullock, Ontario, 2005 
Ron & Dot Connell, Nova Scotia - 2004
Ken & Sally Crisp, Port Coquitlam, BC - 2013

Fran & Bob Dunham, New Brunswick - 2002
John & Fran Essex, Nova Scotia - 1990

Maureen & Gary Geldart, Quebec  - 2008
Gisèle Gosselin, Quebec - 2004 

 Les Greenwood,  Ontario - 2008
Joe & Rosa Griffith, Alberta - 2004 
Edna & Svend Hansen, British Columbia - 1990
Laurence & Alice Harrison,  Amherst , Nova Scotia - 2006 
Arthur Jackson, Ontario - 1990
Jim Hopkins & Marie (Hopkins) Jensen, Alberta - 1990
Chuck & Marguerite Jordan, British Columbia - 2004

Ted & Betty Kernoski, Winnipeg, Manitoba - 2011

Lorraine & John Kozera,  Manitoba - 2008
Ruby & Perry Kullman, Saskatchewan, - 2006   
Gus & Gena Kwazcek, Alberta - 1996
Ron & Barb Lowe, New Brunswick - 2005
Martin & Terry Mallard, Saskatchewan, 2006   
Allan & Mary Marjeirison, Quebec - 1998
  Chester MacKay, Alberta - 2002 
Morley Merner (posthomously) , Alberta - 1988 
Ken Middleton (Deceased) & EV Middleton, British Columbia - 2004 
Ken Oakley, British Columbia - 2004

Hope Pennock, Alberta - 2012 
Bob & Ruth Pereira, Ontario - 2002
Harold & Clara Redden, Nova Scotia - 2004
Charlie & Rolla Ross, New Brunswick (now PEI) - 2002 
John & Marilyn Sellers, Ontario - 2004 

 Thor & Marvis Sigurdson, Manitoba - 2008
 Doyne & Doreen Sillery, British Columbia - 2000

Nick & Mary Anne Turner, British Columbia - 2008

Olive & Art Waker, Saskatchewan - 2002 
Ron & (late Joan) Watson - British Columbia - 2012

Jack & Marg Weber, British Columbia - 2000
Gary & Dottie & Welch, Nova Scotia,- 2006 
Arthur & Margaret Zeigler, Alberta - 2002

Long Service Award

Kenn & Joyce Beggs, Saskatchewan - 2011

Ken & the late Eileen Brownlee, Unity, Saskatchewan - 2010

June & (the late) Don Cowan, Ontario - 2015

Jim & Joyce Crowley, Ontario - 2005

Phil & Ingrid Douziech, British Columbia - 2015

Robert & Sharon Fichter, Saskatchewan - 2011
Harvey & Dorothy Jones,  Ontario - 2005 
Howard & Neome Johnson , Saskatchewan

Ted & Myrna Kornak, Alberta - 2004

Paul Lelland & Freda Macdowall, Saskatchewan - 2008

Jack & Delores MacArthur, Nova Scotia,  - 2006 
Jack and Gladys McLay, Alberta - 2000
 Ralph & Rosemary Morin, Ontario - 2004
Don & Frankie Mortenson, Saskatchewan - 2005 
Jack & Doreen Pinder-Moss, Ontario - 2004

Rae & Bob Nurse, Saskatchewan - 2007
Alex Ritchie, Nova Scotia, - 2006

Bill & Isabel Schmidt,  Saskatchewan - 2008
Bert & Margorie Smeeth, Ontario - 2005
Mike & Marie Waselyshen, Saskatchewan - 2011

Randy & Irene West, Quebec - 2006   
Lilian Wilson,  And the late Hugh Wilson ,Alberta, - 2006

Norm & Barbara Wood, Saskatchewan - 2011