National Convention Guidelines

National Conventions

National Conventions is a publication in two volumes prepared by the Convention Coordinating Committee of the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society to help dancers bidding for and organizing Canadian National Square and Round Dance Conventions. It incorporates the experience of those who have organized previous conventions.  These 2 volumes are available in pdf format (see below).

Basic Letter of Agreement - Revised May 2015


Volume One - Revised 2014

Outlines the procedures to be followed on bidding for a convention and is issued to all federations proposing to hold a national convention.

 Volume Two - Revised May 2015

contains suggestions for the operation of a convention. Part of the task of the Convention Coordinating Committee is to review the minutes of previous convention boards in order to continually update these suggestions.

Conventions to Date:

1978 Edmonton, Alberta
1980 Ottawa, Ontario
1982 Halifax, Nova Scotia
1984 Winnipeg, Manitoba
1986 Calgary, Alberta
1988 Hamilton, Ontario
1990 Vancouver, British Columbia
1992 Winnipeg, Manitoba
1994 Halifax, Nova Scotia
1996 Edmonton, Alberta
1998 Ottawa, Ontario
2000 Vancouver, British Columbia
2002 Saint John, New Brunswick
2004 Calgary, Alberta
2006 Montreal, Quebec
2008 London, Ontario
2010 Halifax, Nova Scotia

2012 None

2014 Ottawa, Ontario

2016 Regina, Saskatchewan

2018 London, Ontario (Scheduled)

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